Reservation Changes to Buddy Pass/ Yield Fare Tickets

 Currently, once a reservation has been created and a ticket issued for Family & Friends or Yield Fare travel on TravelNet, any subsequent reservation change or ticket reissue must be completed by RES (800-221-1212), CTO, or at a Delta Airport location.

Family & Friends guests will pay a nonrefundable $25 change fee for ticket reissues to cities greater than 100 miles from the originally ticketed origin or destination. The $25 change fee for Family & Friends guests will not be charged to change a date or route of travel to the same destination. (This charge does not apply to Yield Fare tickets.)
If the new destination is within 100 miles of the destination printed on the ticket, a reissue is not necessary. However, the ticketing or gate agent will need to revalidate the ticket. Example: Your guest was ticketed to Orlando, Florida (MCO). They now want to travel to Daytona Beach, Florida (DAB) instead. The agent would need to revalidate the ticket.

ESS Release 3, projected for fourth quarter 2005, will give employees the flexibility to change reservations, reissue tickets, purchase Family Fares and process automated refunds on TravelNet. Until these enhancements are implemented, please contact RES or go to any CTO or a Delta Airport location to change a ticketed reservation for Family & Friends and Yield fare travel. Please have all travel information ready to give the Delta representative prior to calling RES or going to a CTO / Airport location.

Credit Card Payment Reminder for Buddy Pass/Yield Fare Tickets

 As a reminder, credit cards are the only acceptable form of payment for Family & Friends and Yield Fare tickets. Frequently, a ticket requires a reissue due to a change in routing, origin, destination, etc. If the customer is at the airport and the ticket is reissued requiring an addition collection, the customer has two options:
  • The customer can use their own valid credit card or
  • The customer must provide the Delta agent with the current expiration date of the valid credit card that was used to purchase the ticket (presenting the physical credit card in this situation is not required).