DL phone numbers

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Flight Control Retirees e-mail
Please verify your address. If you do NOT want to receive e-mail from fellow retirees,  let me know and your name will NOT appear on the list.

The next two files have not been updated for quite some time. Please advise me of errors. Thanks.

Flight Control Retirees phone list (PDF file*)

Flight Control Retirees phone book (This PDF file* will print the entire phone list on one sheet of paper which you can then fold into a 4-page directory. Print page 1 and then print page 2 on the other side of the same sheet of paper.)

If your own phone number appears, please verify it. Please send me any corrections or additions. If you DO NOT WANT your number shown, let me know and I will delete it right away.

*PDF files require the free Acrobat Reader. You may download it here.