"...a picture of a sizable papa bear, which roamed our neighborhood at night for a couple of weeks. Think he might have got picked up by the authorities for loitering and raiding people's trash cans. The picture was snagged off an IR DV clip and was taken at our back stoop [in "downtown" Carrabelle, FL]. He had his nose in our cat door, trying to decide if he would fit, I guess."
-Quinn Griffin
I have been chairman of the Hampton Downtown Development Authority for the last year. We wanted the store owners in the main business district to restore their store fronts to their original look of 100 years ago. Their position was the city wouldn't do anything to improve the looks of downtown so why should we. A reasonable point, I thought. I convinced the city to designate a parking lot adjacent to the old train depot as a park. They then gave me $61,000.00 and I raised another $35,000,00  in contributions and built the park. It took me and 9 different companies 4 months to build the park.
-Terry Jones
5/12/05 - Cheryl reports that the bear is still "visiting"!