TravelNet Enhanced: Reissues & Refunds for Tickets without Active PNRs (10/92007)

Have you been to TravelNet lately? If you have, you may have noticed the great new enhancement that now makes it possible for employees to use partially or wholly unused tickets that are no longer associated to a PNR for future date travel or to process on-line refunds. This includes Family Fare, Yield Fare and Buddy tickets.
So far this year, more than 600,000 original issue buddy pass tickets and 200,000 original issue yield fare tickets have been issued on TravelNet. And, more than 300,000 buddy and yield fare ticket exchanges and refunds were performed, with just over half completed on TravelNet. With this latest enhancement, virtually all nonrevenue ticketing transactions can now be processed on TravelNet. That means fewer reissues calls to Res and a big win on convenience for all TravelNet users.
There are still some nonrev ticket reissues that must be processed by a Delta representative. When employees are applying tickets with multiple currencies to a new ticket, TravelNet will instruct the employee to contact reservations or go to a Delta ticket counter. Also, occasionally TravelNet is unable to complete transactions for various reasons, so it directs the employee in the same manner. On the rare occasion TravelNet is unable to complete a transaction, Delta agents and representatives are asked to continue helping nonrevs when they call or show up at the counter.