Shirley Aulls was one of the lucky people to ride on the historic final employee flight of ship 102, the Spirit of Delta, from DFW to ATL on Friday, March 3.

Her she checks in for the flight. I don't think she got first class....
... but she did get to visit Captain Tom Hendricks  in the cockpit. The cockpit door was left open throughout the flight and all were welcome to visit unless they were drinking (the passengers, not the flight crew).
She also got a bit friendly with one (or more) of the flight attendants.
Great tie buddy! Armani?
The pilot made a final pass 100 feet above the runway, and circled back for the waterspray salute traditional for a retiring pilot's last flight.
Each passenger was presented with a certificate of flight and a commemorative pin.
Shirley had Jerry Grinstein and Captain Hendricks sign her certificate.
Shirley said she felt very honored to be allowed to participate.  There were only 74 passengers on her flight -- mostly retirees but some active employees. She was surprised that more of the people who so generously contributed to the purchase did not participate.

About 200 well-wishers met the flight at the gate. Festivities and refreshments followed, and children from Christian City were given a "joy ride" in ship 102.
A news story about the big send off is available here.